Why does time seem to accelerate as we get older ?

"when we are younger it feels like time is moving slower".

It’s all a science.

When we are younger we have new , fresh, exciting things to discover. Because these people , things, ideas and places are new to us scientifically our brain takes a longer time to process it. Thus, when we are younger it feels like time is moving slower.

On the contrary, as we grow older we pretty much see the same places, people, things and ideas over and over. Which requires less brainpower to process. Hence, we get the feeling that time is going slower.

But is it? The answer is no.

Let me ask you a question: what did you do last week? Most adults will say work, church, grocery store, chores, and assist the kids with homework.

This is what neuroscientists refer to as “chunking”. If you asked this same question to a child they will list all their activities bit by bit. Adults chunk their experiences, whereas kids relive experiences in great detail. While you may consider just going to work 1 activity. A child on the other hand will talk about all the friends they met at school, new activities done at school, new food served in the cafeteria, who got in trouble and was sent to the principal office, etc.

While you went to work, I’m pretty sure you encountered more experiences and people and maybe even ate different foods. You see where I’m going here?! Kids observe and notice much more than we do. We “ chunk” activities and kids for the most part don’t.

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Another reason time seems to be speeding up is because we look back at longer periods of time. A five-year-old only has 5 years to reflect on. Whereas a 50-year-old has 45 plus 5 years to reflect on.

Another hypothesis suggests that forward telescoping causes time to fly by. That’s why you can’t believe that baby that knew is now a senior on his way to college.

Let’s move onto dopamine

: our feel good hormone. Research shows that younger people have more of it and older people normally have less. Generally speaking, younger people are more excited about the passage of time. Whereas, older people normally are not.

So how can we stop or at least slow down this feeling of growing old and time passing quickly.

Try new things. New food , visit new places, pick up a new hobby, or a new man or woman. Do more things that get your dopamine levels up. Exercise,do fun and exciting stuff. Live a little or on the edge . No energy to do any of that.

Now I Cant promise any of these things will work. But what’s better than travelling to Bali, trying a new wine, or dancing the night away despite how bad your knees hurt the next day.

While I can’t promise you solutions to slow down time, I can help you manage the events, activities, tasks and other things you do to fill this time.

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Great, Be Beautiful .

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