Top 5 Reasons you Lose your Motivation and Momentum

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Mgt and Goal Crushing Coach

Reality – Gad dammit nothing sucks more than getting a slap in the face from Mr. Reality. After you’ve come down from your adrenaline high and you’re done hyping yourself up, you come face to face with the real deal. To be honest, this is incredibly frustrating and can even be depressing.

You begin to look at where you are, versus where you would like to be. And the distance between point A and point B can feel like a million miles away. This reality check can be crippling for some and that’s okay because you are only human.

Not only does the comparison between where you are and where you want to be scare the crap out of you, but so does your lack of resources. You lose momentum and excitement for your new goal ,idea or project because you look at the things you lack such as time, money and energy to carry out this big damn goal you set for yourself.

Fear – This is another sneaky behind emotion that can ruin a big goal. It often appears in the form of “What ifs”. Mr. Fear starts to say stuff like: “What if you Fail”, “What if you lose money”, “What if you look like a fool ” What if you are embarrassed”.

And to that I say, “what If you succeed”?!

Get ready! The next few reasons why you lose momentum are juicy!

Running your Mouth to the wrong person – In this instance, we are going to refer to the wrong person as Mrs. Negative Nancy. Negative Nancy was born a pessimist. She’ll find something wrong at Disney World and maybe even complain in Heaven. Nancy doesn’t intentionally talk you out of your dreams. But she speaks from her own experiences and can easily project her own fears, doubts and insecurities on you.

Once you get that big idea stay away from Nancy. Instead of monkeying around with naysayers join the Goal Club where the bosses hang out and get stuff done!

Insecurities – This culprit will ruin it for you if you affiliate your knowledge with your worth. Specifically, if you begin to doubt yourself based on the amount of information and skills you possess.

Because you feel like you don’t know enough to accomplish your goal, you fall down the rabbit hole of google. You google, bing, yahoo, and encyclopedia search the hell out of your new venture. Then, you find yourself overwhelmed. You literally become paralyzed and cannot take the first step. Research is good, but make sure you take action.

Perfectionism – Ever heard the saying “There Will always be room for improvement”?It’s true. It’s very true . Don’t get caught up trying to make everything flawless before you start. Do the best you can with what you have and the rest will fall into place.

When it all boils down you’re the reason you lose momentum. Are you convinced yet? If you enjoyed this reading, then you are sure to LOVE our live event. It’s coming up this Wednesday July 21st at 8pm est. It’s all about goal setting and finding the time to accomplish your goals. Run and Sign up Here.

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