Summer isn’t just around the corner, it’s HERE!

It’s officially summer time – in my books at least!

A blog for working moms who don’t have time to plan, but still want summer break to be successful and fun.

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

Summer break is here! But you’re still working, so how do you make sure your kids have fun without spending all day playing Roblox and Fortnite or watching coco melon for 10 hours per day?

If you’re like me, you are scrambling to prepare for the summer with kids. And we all know that preparing for the summer with kids can be a daunting task.

I’m here to help you out with some tips and tricks on how to make this summer great for your family.

1. Find Summer Daycare like NOW

Make sure that your kids will be taken care of while you work through June and July. If your child has special needs or requires additional attention, it’s better if you get them signed up as soon as possible so that they’re guaranteed a spot in case there are any openings later in the summer season. And because we all know that crazy stuff can happen, make sure that you have a few back up plans.

2. Kids love to Party TOO

Make a list of all the things they enjoy doing, then plan activities around those. Be sure to check out your local FB groups and other moms groups for free events and activities. I would definitely recommend your local library there is always a ton of stuff planned for free.

3. Spice things up for the kiddos

Don’t make your kid a boring nancy! Encourage them to try new experiences and meet new people. Get them involved in the process too! Ask them what new things they’d like to try and make some suggestions too 🙂

4. O-M-G the meals

We can’t forget meals. You and I both know how much kids eat EVERYTHING during the summer. Summer is a time that most people get really lazy. But remember, proper nutrition is SOOO important for not overall health. It decreases mood swings, outbursts and those dreadful tantrums. Summer is a perfect time to make smoothies and load your kids up on the greens. Pinterest has fantastic recipes that are easy to make. I mean if I can do it, anyone can.

5. Keep it simple and FREE

Find free activities that don’t require lots of equipment or preparation (like hiking or swimming in a pool). Again, be sure you check out your local library, museums, and nonprofit organizations that serve families they almost always have a ton of free stuff. If you are open to religious activities, you absolutely cannot forget Vacation Bible School. Sign them up for all of the vacation bible schools. They can’t ever have enough Jesus right?! LOL

6. Put those little hands and feet to work

Make sure they know they’re expected to keep up with their chores around the house and yard work so everyone can enjoy their summer break! I’d even go as far as creating a schedule. Make sure everyone knows what is expected of them and when they are expected to get it done.

If your kids are not old enough to handle responsibilities. Make sure that you and your partner or support are clear on the expectations for the summer.

7. Start thinking about back to school

Before you know it, that time will be here! Make sure everyone is registered for classes, vaccination records are up to date or plans to do so are in place. Schedule sometime for all of this. Don’t forget back to school shopping. Place it on your calendar and start early.

8. Summer aint all about the kids

Don’t forget about yourself! Take time out from work, school and family life to do something special that makes YOU happy too! Afterall you’ve been taxi-ing them around all year long. You’ve been volunteering and taking time off of work when they were sick. Don’t forget about the work you’ve done all school year too.

Remember: kids will be kids and things will happen!

But do your best to make sure you are prepared with the fun, endless snacks and whole lot of money for Roblox gift cards. I’m just kidding!

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Make this summer MAGICAL

Ready for a stress free summer? Comment below which idea you’re going to try first.

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  1. Great read. Awesome pointers and insight. These are some amazing suggestions to keep the kids entertained and eating right during the summer months. Proud of you. Be blessed.

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