How to Manage your time on Social Media – Real Tips

Practical tips for working mothers made by a working mom

“He who know most grieves most for wasted time.” — Dante

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

Do you spend way too much time on social media? Firstly, there is nothing wrong with you. Well  maybe something lol. But not anything related to your addiction to social media. The creators of  instagram and facebook have done a phenomenal job keeping us on the platform. These platforms are strategically designed to keep you logged on and to amplify FOMO in your life.FOMO is  your Fear of missing out.  They know who’s  pregnancy  pictures you want to see, they know which products you want to buy, they know whose live video streaming and stories you live on. They know everything and they will continuously shove  content down your throats to keep you engaged. It’s all about the algorithms.

You probably tried deleting apps and disabling accounts, only to find yourself eavesdropping on your  friend’s convo about the “live video Mia posted last night”.

In this week’s blog post, I am going to teach you how to manage your time on social media because let’s be real we are all addicted.These tips are practical and easy. If you need help send me a message. Ready to get more of your time back? Lets gooooo💨💨

Figure out which apps are important and usefulCome on you can do it! Delete the ones that don’t make the cut.  If you don’t use pinterest. There’s no need to cloud your phone with that space. 

I am very serious, take some time and delete the apps that really serves as a distraction.

My next point is to figure out WHO on your social media is not valuable  Now, valuable is a very generic fluffy and abstract word. Sooooo let’s define valuable:

  1. It is educational. It teaches you something. 
  2. It is inspirational.  You get fired up and passionate by reading, watching, listening to their content. They make you feel good and give you reality checks when you need it.
  3.  It is entertaining. It makes you laugh. Smile , Chuckle, Giggle.
  4.  It aligns with your personal beliefs. E.g. I don’t follow accounts that spew hate, violence, garbage, gossip because those things don’t align with the life I’m building. So I hit the unfollow button  on those accounts that are not valuable.

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.- Unknown

NotificationsTurn them off. The 3 third way you can save time on social media is to silence all groups and notifications. Now unless you have an agenda for receiving notifications instantaneously then there’s no need for a  notification to come to your phone outside of the facebook app just to tell you that Sarah uploaded a new photo of her cat. Turn the notifications OFF.  You also need to make sure you don’t get those emails either.

If you really want to amp up your productivity you can download apps like stay focused.

Delay your responses Be intentional. Unless it’s costing you money  you don’t need to respond to every message, comment,  and email instantaneously. If you are  in the middle of something, respond at another time.  Set a time in the day to  respond to social media. I don’t recommend this being the first thing you do.

If you can, try not to pick up your phone as soon as you open your eyes. It’s difficult, I understand . But take some time to stretch, drink some water and plan your day. You can avoid checking your phone 1st thing in the morning by placing your phone away from your bed.

You can do *HARD* things!

Set timersWe all can use reminders. Did you know that you can tell instagram and facebook to give you a reminder when you’ve been goofing off for too long. Yesssssss we sometimes ignore those warnings. However, it  does help you to be mindful of the time you are literally wasting. The time that will go and never return.

You can also do a social media fastTake a day or 2 or even a few hours and refrain from using soical media. To help  with the fear of missing out, delete the apps and add them once you are done with the fast. 

Stop reading comments- Don’t let be nosey cost you time Why are you seriously reading 768 comments of a fight between internet strangers? 

Stop hoarding memesYou’ll never find them in your phone again You don’t need to save, or  screenshot every funny thing you see on the internet.

You can do this! Don’t get stuck on social media.

Group ChatsLet’s talk about it . You don’t need to listen to every voice note,  video, or click every link that is posted in the group. Don’t get sucked into group chats and discussions. Unless you have planned it.

Take the social media app off of your homescreen If you don’t see it, you likely won’t use it.

Lastly  you have to take action. If you are reading this article, you are here for a reason.  Social media is probably sucking the life out of you. But you can’t change it if you haven’t taken action. So go back and read this article , take notes, but most importantly take action. Let me know if the comment section which one you will try first!

If this overwhelms you and you can use support, guidance, and someone to tell you to cut the BS, then you are in the right place. Are you ready to move from frustrated and overwhelmed to in control and accomplished?

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