How to Make Decisions Faster ! – 8 ways

The decision won’t get any easier to make. Pull the trigger faster and save time with these tips.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

You aren’t going to get more time and so you must to use the time you have wisely. Taking a gazillion years to make one decision is not the answer boo.

In this week’s blog post, we are going to tackle decision making and how it affects our time management skills. These tips are practical and easy. If you need help send me a message. Ready to be a faster decision maker? Lets gooooo💨💨

Be Real – Be Honest with yourself? What is it that you REALLY want? What are your desires? What outcome would make you the happiest? Sit quietly and really think about your heart’s desires and goals. At the end of the day, you gotta put yourself first. This will make you happier and as a direct result everyone else will be happy too.

I am very serious, take some time and think about the outcomes YOU want.

Set a deadline Place the deadline in your calendar. Example you can say something like,” I will make the decision to buy a new car by October 31st, 2021″. If the deadline comes and you haven’t made a decision, know that you’ve made the decision already to NOT buy a car.

Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.- Phil McGraw

Use Common sense – DUH Get Logical. Go old school. Grab a sheet of paper. Draw a line straight down the middle. Label the first column PROS and the second column CONS. Write down at least 25 of each. Once you’ve gotten your list of CONS,go through that list. Scratch off any of the CONS that you can”live” with. Meaning if there are any negatives on the lives that won’t substantially impact your life scratch them off.

Limit the amount of people you talk to Limit your influence. Have you ever asked so much people for advice only to find yourself confused? You’re not alone. Learn to make decisions on your own. OR surround yourself with a trusted few. These people should share the same values and belief system as you do. This way when you ask their opinion and advice on a subject matter, you know their advice will be sound.

Asking people for advice and asking people to make the decision for you are two separate things. Don’t confuse the two. Seek their advice, but make your own damn decisions.

You can do *HARD* things!

Use your past experiencesThis isn’t your first rodeo. What tough lessons have you learned in the past ?What has happened recently that can help you make the decision you are trying to make today?

Eliminate ChoicesMake the decision making process easier. Scratch anything off the list that isn’t aligned with your personal belief system. If one of the options you’re presented with is a HELL to the NO option, don’t waste time trying to convince yourself that it is an option for you. Eliminate it from the equation.

Trust yourself- You have what it takes There ain’t nobody in this world that know you better than you know yourself.Trust yourself. Trust yourself to make the decision that will make you happier. Trust yourself to make the decision that will save you time. Trust yourself to make the decision that will save you more money. The decision that will light your life up like disney world. You owe it yourself to TRUST yourself. Believe in you and make the damn thing happen!

Practice Making Small DecisionsPractice makes Perfect.Most people aren’t good decision makers. So no shame here. Like time management, decision making is a skill that you have to learn and practice. Start today making small decisions quickly. Here are some examples : what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, what to watch, what to listen to, etc.

Now,let’s chat about why fast decision making is important for your success!

TimeAnd you don’t have much of it . The longer you take, the more time you will lose.

It’s EmotionalLike stress you the hell out emotional– It won’t get any easier. The more you stir this decision around in your mind, the more you’ll likely be emotionally drained. You’ll spend sleepless nights thinking about this. You’ll be easily triggered. Meaning, almost anything that happens in the day that’s remotely close to the decision will remind you of it. Set yourself free and make that decision girl.

Ready to start making decisions faster than your toddler runs for candy? Take these tips and run to implement what you’ve learned.

If this overwhelms you and you can use support, guidance, and someone to tell you to cut the BS, then you are in the right place. Are you ready to move from frustrated and overwhelmed to in control and accomplished?

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