Are you set for an easy and productive week?

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

Are your meals planned? Start now with  3 to 4 meals. There are 7 days in a week. You can use leftovers to your advantage. Don’t act boujee. If you  are boujee that is fine too. Go ahead and prepare some meals for delivery.  If you are having trouble with meal ideas check out this link here for easy quick meals for working parents. 

Are your outfits planned? Take 10 minutes to make sure you and your kids have outfits that are easily accessible for watch day of the week. On a long term basis, consider sticking to solid colors. Solid colors can be easily matched. If they are easily matched you will save time picking outfits. Andddd It really matters if your child wants to wear a Blackshirt and a pink because that matches right? 

Who’s handling transportation? Come on! Let’s get ahead of the last minute dashes and fights.Decide now.

Who is going to pick up the kids?

Who will drop them off?

Who is going to soccer practice?

Are you feeling prepared yet?

Are there any unusual meetings, practices, or events on the agenda?Take a look at your calendar and see if there is anything out of the ordinary on there. Your partner will need to know. They will need to be prepared. If you don’t have a calendar,join the Accountability *Goal* Club I want to help you with this. Trust me! It makes life 10X Easier. 

Is your schedule too packed? Listen, you are a busy parent. Cancel some things  on that schedule that won’t make you happier and your life easier. Don’t be a people pleaser. 

I’m Actually planning my week over a glass of wine or 2 so I’ll leave you now boo!

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Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

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