Are you really trying? – Tips to Help you get more done using the little time you have.

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

Ok let’s be honest here! There is a very thing line between really trying and convincing yourself that you really tried. And to be frank, sometimes those lines can get a little blurry. But I’m here today as your time management coach to help you sort through that muck that can keep you stuck! For a more intimate approach, join the “Club”.

Before we dive into answering the question ,”Are you really trying” let’s establish the fact that this advice will be good for you if you are trying to reach ANY goal. Are you ready?! Let’s gooo.

Have you exhausted all options? – Do not tell me you’ve tried everything unless you’ve used all of the legal and ethical options that you have at your disposal . Take a minute and write down all of the possible options you can take that will help you to reach one step closer to your goal. If you don’t have time to do this ,then maybe you don’t have time for your goals.

And if you don’ t have time for your goals, then what are you even doing here. But you’re here which tells me that you are interested in taking your goals to next level. So let’s go 👏🏿 Write that list of options and then use them.

Have you asked for help? – Listen, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am pretty sure more than one Roman built it. Have you asked a trusted person for help? Don’t let your pride and ego prevent you from getting the support you need. Ask for help. What’s the worst they can say? No? No, is only a two letter word.

If you fear asking for help, practice asking. Make sure you offer a gift , some sort of compensation or an exchange. If done correctly, you can unlock and tap into a wealth of resources.

Buckle UP! The next few tips are juicy.

Have you gotten feedback? – If you are struggling to get stuff started and or completed, you may need a second pair of eyes. Let me tell you a quick story. My husband told me the other day that we needed more dish washing pods. When he first said it, I didn’t say anything because I knew we had pods. However,he insisted on telling me we needed more pods.

Of course, I knelt down and pulled out the pods. Sometimes, we don’t see what we’re looking for and a second pair of eyes can help you to avoid mistakes.

In the club, each member serves as an extra pair of eyes.Join the Goal Club where the bosses hang out and get stuff done!

Have you celebrated? – Before you give up because ” You’ve tried EVERYTHING”, I highly recommend you stop and celebrate. Personally, I don’t care if you’ve done the bare minimum. If you are frustrated and feel stuck take 2 minutes to pat your self on the back. Make a list, write out all the things you’ve accomplished this month.

Are you ready to have a productive , stress free, guilt free, September? If you are ready to join the other Goal Crushers then join the Accountability *Goal* Club.

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Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

P.S Doors for the Accountability *Goal* Club are open.

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