Confessions Of a Busy Mom

The only thing that works is work – My favorite quote!

 Hello !

You probably have big dreams of a clean house , happy family, and a romantic  marriage. I can imagine that you have tried almost everything to make this dream a reality. You are probably willing to try almost anything.

But you aren’t  living in a bubble and have probably seen some pretty rough days😖. You probably have an idea what it will take to achieve your big family goal but you just can’t master it for yourself. 

You’ve read all the books , listened to all the podcasts, watched all the youtube videos, pinned all the pins, joined all the facebook groups,  went to all the counselling sessions and still no results. 

Because you received so much information with little to no guidance, years have passed and still nothing has drastically changed in your life.

Maybe you’re still waiting to win the lottery and then everything will be perfect.

Am I right?

So here’s how I can help you…

Hi !  I am Alexandria Sears Grant and I help working moms get the most done using the little time they do have.

To be quick here’s a brief list of things you will learn here :

  • Creating a schedule for your family that will stick
  • Mindset Shifting
  • How to delegate
  • How to determine what to do first
  • How to alter your identity to form new routines 

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Where this all began?

I was a little girl who dreamed of marrying a 6ft tall man with a beard.  I recall visualizing my white picket fence house and could remember pretending to hear my kids laugh and play outside.

Fast forward many years later my dream became a reality. But not in the exact order I’d hope for. I had a baby and got married but for a while my husband and I maintained a long distance relationship.

Aside from being apart, we  had unplanned pregnancies and I was working a high demand job for a Fortune 500 Company.  I received promotion after promotion , Supervisor to Manager to Executive Committee Member.

I was killing the game at work as a young African American woman. I received  numerous awards Manager of the Quarter and the Manager of the Year. Also, while crushing it at work, I was passing Quality Assurance Audits with flying colors. 

But my family and personal life was suffering.  I started driving to work with a pit in my stomach and coming back home too exhausted to even watch television some days , let alone spend quality time with my family and take care of my home.


I started digging  deep, soul searching, and evaluating what was IMPORTANT and what was not. I saw huge shifts once I started investing in my personal development. This is where I learned how to create a harmonious relationship between work and home.

I’ve spent years giving solicited and unsolicited advice to women just like you and me who are struggling. Some are too embarrassed to raise their hands and say they need help. If you are brave enough to raise your hand, I trust that my professional and personal experiences make me the number 1 candidate to help you find that balance with faith , family and work. 

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  • How to form good habits and break bad ones
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Tracking
  • Accountability

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