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Who am I?

Hi! I am Alexandria Sears Grant and I help working moms get the most done using the little time they do have. In my program, we skip the overwhelm and guilt to make things fairly simple. The best way to make sure you receive valuable information regularly is to sign up for my email list. I send regular tips and updates about my latest classes, workshops, and training.

Where this all began?

I was a little girl who dream of being an adult with a family and a career. Fast forward many years later my dream became a reality. But not in the exact order I’d hope for. I had a baby and got married but for a while, my husband and I maintained a long-distance relationship.

Aside from being apart, we had unplanned pregnancies and I was working a high-demand job for a Fortune 500 Company. I received promotion after promotion, Supervisor to Manager to Executive Committee Member. I was killing the game at work as a young African American woman.  I received numerous awards Manager of the Quarter and the Manager of the Year to name a few. 

"My goal is to help you accomplish more in less time, enhance your relationships, and take control of your career and ambitions.."

Alexandria Sears-Grant

Five Steps To Success

Maybe you’re still waiting to win the lottery and then everything will be perfect. Am I right? So here’s how I can help you…

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You probably have  dreams of loving your career , happy family, and a romantic marriage. I can imagine that you have tried almost everything to make this dream a reality. I bet you are probably willing to try almost anything to achieve work life balance. But you aren’t living in a bubble and have probably seen some pretty rough days.

You probably have an idea what it will take to achieve your big family goal but you just can’t master it for yourself. You’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, watched all the youtube videos, pinned all the pins, joined all the Facebook groups, went to all the counseling sessions, and still no results. Because you received so much information with little to no guidance, years have passed and still nothing has drastically changed in your life.