8 Mistakes Preventing you from getting stuff done.

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

Many moms complain about not having enough time to get stuff done. It is very hard as a working mom to keep it all together. However, it is very possible. I’m here today as your time management coach to help you sort through that muck that can keep you stuck! For a more intimate approach, join the Goal “Club”.

Can I preface this blog post with a warning? This blog may hit a nerve or two. It may be a gut punch but someone has to say it right? It’s me! I’m that someone. I’ll take ownership. Are you ready?Let’s gooooo

Mistake Number 1 You don’t plan. You wing it . For what ever reason you feel like not planning is the best way to go . Carve sometime out of your day to actually plan your day. And if you are feeling like a time management boss go ahead and plan the week. Ideally, once you become skilled at taking control of your life you can plan the entire year! If you don’t have time to do this ,then maybe you don’t have time for your goals.

And if you don’ t have time for your goals, then what are you even doing here. But you’re here which tells me that you are interested in taking your goals to next level. So let’s go 👏🏿 Start planning and shoot me a message if you need help.

Mistake Number 2 You are not scheduling. Writing down your goals on a the back of the light bill, on a sticky note, or in that planner you’ll never pick up is a NO NO. If you’ve taken precious brain time to figure out what you need to get done , you better schedule efficiently. I cover these topics and more in the Monthly Goal Club.

Mistake Number 3You don’t follow the plan. Let me explain. So you take the time to make this amazing plan, you schedule and then you fail to execute. You either half ass the execution or you don’t execute at all. Come on. Get it together.I know it isn’t easy. You’d much rather relax i.e scroll Facebook and participate in low value whats app message groups. You are not alone. This is a real problem for many people. That’s why I encourage my club members to show up for our accountability sessions.

You can do *HARD* things!

Mistake Number 4 You are not taking breaks.By the way, please schedule your breaks in your calendar.Come on! You must have at least 5 minutes in your day to take a break.

Mistake Number 5 – You are not realistic. If you are not using the proper time scheduling system, I cannot blame you for this one. After all, how can you be realistic if you don’t have a clear picture of how much time you really have.

Buckle UP! The next few tips are juicy.

Mistake Number 6 You do not automate. There are a lot of things that you can set on auto but you don’t. Next week Sunday’s blog post will be all about automation. Make sure you sign up to receive the email when this blog post is released.

Mistake Number 7You say yes to everything and everyone. It’s hard to say no. Who wants to seem like a mean girl? No one. But remember that saying no to someone isn’t about being a wicked witch. It’s about being an angelic princess to yourself. Every time you say no to someone or something that doesn’t light you up, you are making time for the things you really care about.

Mistake Number 8You don’t seek help. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am pretty sure more than one Roman built it. Have you asked a trusted person for help? Don’t let your pride and ego prevent you from getting the support you need. Ask for help. What’s the worst they can say? No? No, is only a two letter word.

If you fear asking for help, practice asking. Make sure you treat the people well that offer assistance.

Are you ready to move frustrated and overwhelmed to in control and accomplished? If you are ready to join the other Goal Crushers then join the Accountability *Goal* Club.

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Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

P.S I’m hosting the 2nd Annual Planning and Goal Setting Workshop for 2022!!!!!! More details to come:) Save the date-Mid January 2022


  1. Amen! Love this advice! The part I really need to get down is saying “no”. It can sometimes feel like I can’t say no, especially if later I need to “ask for help.” I need to find this balance.

    • Hmmmm this is interesting. If the relationship is worth maintaining I’m wondering if there are other ways you can say “no” not right now but maybe later. A Delayed yes maybe. OR perhaps you can say yes but dial back the commitment. This way you are still helping but not fully.

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