7 ways you can make life easier and less stressful.

Save time using these auto pilot tips.

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

{EMBARASSING moment}I posted this time management reel on Instagram and caught some hate for it. The video was mainly about mistakes moms make that prevent them from getting stuff done. Many of these mistakes are highlighted in last week’s blog post.

A few moms privately messaged me and accused me of acting perfect. More specifically, their concern was that there is no way to use automation as a mother. This week’s blog post is a response to that video. I will highlight key areas of your life that you can set on auto pilot. Are you ready?Let’s gooooo.

Auto Pilot Idea #1Set up reoccurring purchases for common household items. Many services like amazon will let you do this and if your preferred store doesn’t have this option it will most likely have the option to reorder an item. Use this feature for items like toilet paper, cleaning products, and sanitary products. This is perfect for household items especially stuff you often forget to buy like vitamins ( the ones you swear you’ll get from the store next time).

No more running to the convenient store for a roll of toilet paper. Buy in bulk and set it on auto pilot. This way it shows right up to your door step before you run out. Or Better yet you can order and pull up to the store , open your trunk and have it loaded in.

Auto Pilot Idea #2 Bill pay. Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you called your water or electricity company and argued about the bill. If you’re going to pay the bill every month go ahead and set it to auto pay. If you’re worried you won’t have enough money you have two options. Option 1 : make more money or Option 2 spend less money. Either way you need to watch your spending and set those bills to auto pay. Late fees are a witch and the last thing you want to be doing on a cool Friday evening is arguing and disputing late fees with a teller that could give 2 hoots.

Auto Pilot Idea #3Schedule out appointments. If you’re going to the dentist every 6 months and having a physical once per year why not schedule those out in advance? Need to buy gifts, plan a party, spend time with friends? Whatever it is, schedule it out in advance. The idea is to get the important things on your calendar.When your “must -dos” are on your schedule you have a better idea of how much “free” time you really have.

You can do *HARD* things!

Auto Pilot Idea #4 Document Renewals Save the expiration date of important documents in your phone and make plans to renew them. Think, passports, drivers license, professional certifications, car licenses and inspections. Give yourself extra time. Specifically, if your license is set to expire on November 2nd ,I highly recommend you putting a date in your phone to October 20th. This extra time will give you a cushion.

Auto Pilot Idea 5 – Make it a no – brainer. Every time you or someone in your family has to make a decision it can bring stress and tension. Make everything you can make a no – brainer. This includes meals, outfits, who’s going to clean and when, who’s picking up and dropping off. You can accomplish this by setting schedules and assigning tasks and doing it all in advance.

Hey! Are you still with me, keep on reading for some AHAA Amoments.

Auto Pilot Idea #6Make it visible. Place schedules and reminders in your digital calendars. If someone in your home doesn’t have access to a digital calendar , print it or write out reminder. Make sure these reminders are in a commonly used area and are routinely refreshed with new information.

Auto Pilot Idea #7Make it obvious. Label the hell out of everything in your home and work space. This takes away the guessing game of what goes where. My big sister taught me this one! Make sure there is a place for everything and make sure your little ones start practicing returning everything to its place. Frankly, this will be tough in the beginning but it will become a habit. Before you know it, everything will be in its place and you’ll spend less time looking for things around your home and cleaning up. Which leads to what?! Leads to more time to do the things your truly enjoy.

Now before you leave, I want you to know that you probably won’t wake up tomorrow practicing all of these ideas. That’s just not realistic or practical. But what you can do is pick one idea to implement each week and do it. No really, do it! By Christmas time you and your family should be enjoying a less chaotic and stressful life. What a great way to start 2022 right?

All aboard?!?!?! Comment below which one you will start first.

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