25 Ways Moms can use your help this holiday season!

Gifts are wonderful and believe me we really do appreciate the gesture. But listen to me and listen clearly, a woman needs more than diamonds and pearls or a robot vacuum. If you want to make your partner happy this season, this blog is for you. Moms, don’t be shy! Feel free to share this with your partner. This will be his or her roadmap to your heart.

Happy Holidays!

By: Alexandria Grant, Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

“Alexa play 90s Christmas Carols”, said everyone woman with a glass of wine in hand. Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Or is it just me?

If you don’t want to be frustrated, hungover and exhausted for the next 6 weeks then you better start reading. Take notes and then take action. If you need help send me a message. Ready for action?! lets gooooo💨💨

  1. Listen to her and value her opinion. Too easy? Too simple? Heard it before? It’s true just listen for REAL this time. 
  2. Ask her what she wants and then act on it. 
  3. Hire someone to clean the house.
  4. Do laundry. Don’t be lazy, laundry includes folding, putting away and ironing. 
  5. Take Over the Christmas Shopping. OR at least compile the list of who and what to buy. Start shopping now. 
  6. Arrange professional family photos. We know that you secretly like taking pictures. How about you take charge?
  7. Start decluttering. Get rid of the clothes you’ll likely never wear. And while you’re at go through the kids stuff too. But for goodness sake don’t touch mom’s stuff. 
  8. Get the decorations out. Your wife is probably itching to get the holiday feeling in your home. 
  9. After the holidays, you volunteer to clean up and put everything away. 
  10. Figure out the  kids holiday schedule. When will they be off of school? Who will watch the kiddos?
  11. Can you help the kids with homework?
  12. Send the Christmas cards out this year. Your partner is not the family’s courier. 
  13. Arrange playdates. How about you get the parents numbers and arrange the playdates?
  14. Check doctor appointments? Is anyone due for a doctor’s appointment? What about the dentist?
  15.  Schedule maintenance on the cars. Make sure tires are good and oil changes are completed. 
  16. Entertainment: Are  you hosting parties? Which parties are you attending?
  17. Figure out how to pay  the bills. Take care of managing the accounts,make sure everyone is paid on time and there is enough in the savings. 
  18. Arrange a girls trip for her.  Call her bestie up and coordinate a weekend off.
  19. Arrange a solo trip. Time spent alone is priceless. Book your partner a  solo getaway. They’ll come back recharged 🙂
  20. Keep Fresh flowers in the house. No I’m not suggesting you blow the budget on flowers. But grab some at the grocery store that are on sale. 
  21. Take pictures of her. Most of the pictures in her phone are of the kids and you. 
  22. Date night. You plan and make sure it’s a night to remember. 
  23. Rub her feet and back without being asked.
  24. Leave love notes or jokes in her purse. Or somewhere that she’ll see them as soon as she starts her day. Don;t email or text. Handwritten notes are EVERYTHING.Thank me later.
  25. Invest in her personal development. Ask her if she’d like to work 1 on 1 with a time management coach for moms. Send me a message through this link to find out more.

Choose one from the list or all.

But most importantly ask her what she wants and take action.

Do you want to be the talk at your wife’s office this year? Wanna be the one she brags to her friends about. Then begin taking action now.

Make this holiday season MAGICAL

Ready to blow your wife away? Comment below which idea you’re going to try first.

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Time Management and Goal Crushing Coach

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  1. These are all very important points in the marriage 💑 thanks for sharing. Most not all but some men love to leave everything up to the wife

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